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Ford Scholars Symposium

September 14, 2020 at 5:00pm on Zoom

Since 1988, Vassar’s Ford Scholars Program has fostered faculty-student collaborations on research projects in the humanities and social sciences. In the summer of 2020, 21 students conducted research with faculty members on a range of exciting projects that they will discuss at this symposium. Keynote address:

2020 Ford Scholars Symposium Program (PDF)

2020 Ford Scholars Symposium Project Booklet (PDF)




Environmental Studies

Climate Crisis: How to Reach Out to the Community?
Robin Bleicher ’23, and Martin Burstein ’23, and Pinar Batur (Environmental Studies)
Project Abstract and Video

Greek and Roman Studies

Hispanic Studies


Ethnography of Displacement in Malaysia
Ilia Mahns ’23, Huda Rahman ‘23 and Christopher Bjork (Education) and Maria Höhn (History)
Project Abstract and Video

International Studies

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Political Science

Psychological Science

Media Psychology Textbook Research
Daria Lochoshvili ’22 and Dara N. Greenwood (Psychological Science)
Project Abstract and Video