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Hispanic Studies
Project Proposal

Cuba on Film : a descriptive and annotated reference for research and study of films (DVD and Video Cassette) pertaining to Cuba in the collection of the Thompson Memorial Library at Vassar College

Augusto Hacthoun (Hispanic Studies)

Project Description

Cuba’s history during the last 150 years, its stages as republic and as revolution, often provide touchstones, bona fides, and case studies for many academic disciplines and areas of studies and research at Vassar and elsewhere. History, politics, economics, sociology, psychology, pedagogy, and the arts find illustrative experiences, prototypes, models, comparisons, and correlations to highlight and analyze in their respective courses of study. Regularly, Cuba related films are brought to bear.

Anticipated Project Activities

  • To compile a descriptive and annotated inventory all of the Cuba related films (DVD and Video Cassette) listed in the Vassar library online catalogue.
  • To verify, further research and complete any abbreviated information for each holding, to annotate and closely associate relevant topics, to identify linkages applicable to a variety of disciplines and areas of study,
  • To directly reach out to the films’ creators to appropriately enhance the available data through queries and interviews.
  • To create a searchable online site for students and faculty to access and browse the collection by year, title, director, etc; and to supplement it with film trailers and curated categories such as “Where to Start”; “Reconnecting with Cuba”.

Preferred Student Qualifications and Skills

Ideally, my collaborator on the project would have a nuanced knowledge of Spanish and English grammar and syntax, would be a canny researcher, an assiduous and imaginative work partner. Mastery of online platforms, as well as writing, editing and filming experiences would be a plus.

Anticipated Follow-up Teaching/Professional Activity for Student

Student will instruct Research Assistants on the maintenance of the online site.

Project Location

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY—Remote / In-person: On ocassion we may come on campus to retrieve and return materials.

Project Duration

Eight weeks

Project Start Date

June 7, 2021

Project End Date

July 30, 2021