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Project Proposal

Behavioral Economics

Benjamin Ho (Economics)

Project Description

Help develop a new behavioral economics project. Will work with scholar to find a good match between my current projects and the interests of the student. Current high priority projects include: understanding the relationship between medical testing and fear, understanding how fear affects out-group bias, understanding the relationship between income, mobility and pro-social behavior, and understanding the number of asian-american faculty at college campuses. See for other recent projects.

Anticipated Project Activities

Every part of a research project, from hypothesis generation to lit review to experimental design to execution to statistical analysis, to publication and presentation. The goal is to find a project that the student can make their own and eventually lead to publication.

Preferred Student Qualifications and Skills

  • Able to independently learn simple programming (e.g. use python to download tweets and/or web design)
  • Ability to run a regression in Stata (maybe also python, understanding Stata loops and macros a plus)
  • An ability to read and consolidate diverse literatures (psychology, philosophy, political science, anthropology, computer science, etc.)
  • An interest in continuing behavioral econ research as a senior thesis

Anticipated Follow-up Teaching/Professional Activity for Student

The ultimate goal is to publish the work in a professional journal. Ford scholars in the past have presented our work at professional conferences in Boston and Miami.

Project Location

Full Remote

Project Duration

Eight weeks

Project Start Date

June 7, 2021

Project End Date

July 31, 2021