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Behavioral Economics - Online Experiments
Mihajlo Ivanovic ’22 and Benjamin Ho (Economics)
Women's Empowerment in Bangladesh
Adam Abadi ’22 and Gisella A. Kagy (Economics)


Displacement, Ethnography, and Educaiton in Malaysia
Ilia Mahns ’23, Huda Rahman ‘23 and Christopher Bjork (Education) and Maria Höhn (History)

Environmental Studies

Climate Crisis: How to Reach Out to the Community?
Robin Bleicher ’23, and Martin Burstein ’23, and Pinar Batur (Environmental Studies)

Greek and Roman Studies

Supplementary Materials on Roman Slavery for Latin Textbooks
Tao Beloney ‘23 and Curtis Dozier (Greek and Roman Studies)

Hispanic Studies

The Oviedo Project at Vassar College
Kendal Simmons ’23 and Lizabeth Paravisini (Hispanic Studies)


Ethnography of Displacement in Malaysia
Ilia Mahns ’23, Huda Rahman ‘23 and Christopher Bjork (Education) and Maria Höhn (History)

International Studies

“Even This One Has a Role in Deciding the Outcome”: Reimagining Children’s Agency and Human Rights in Armed Conflict
Jonan Kiang ’21, Sofia Rao ’22 (Holland Research Assist.) and Tracey Holland (International Studies)

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Medieval Science and Technology: Research and Pedagogy
John Mahoney ’22 and Nancy Bisaha (Medieval & Renaissance Studies) & Christopher Smart (Chemistry)

Political Science

State, Society, and Individual in China’s Coronavirus Pandemic
Kaiqing Su ’21, Yinguang Zhao ’23 and Fubing Su (Political Science)

Psychological Science

Media Psychology Textbook Research
Daria Lochoshvili ’22 and Dara N. Greenwood (Psychological Science)
The Psychologist’s Toolkit for Success and Wellbeing in College
Yiqing (Alice) Fan ’22 and Debra M. Zeifman (Psychological Science)