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Project Proposal

Season Two Hi-Phi Nation

Barry Lam (Philosophy)

Project Description

The student will serve as research assistant and production assistant on two episodes of the faculty member's podcast series Hi-Phi Nation, a show about philosophy turning stories into ideas. The show is a narrative documentary podcast series integrating storytelling, investigative journalism, and philosophy. The first season is currently being produced and released at Duke University where the faculty member is on a fellowship. As soon as the faculty member returns to Poughkeepsie, he will kickstart preproduction of the second season. Each episode will consist in investigative research into a story of philosophical interest, and will consist in philosophical research attempting to identify texts and authors that can contribute their expertise on a show.

Anticipated Project Activities

The student must be willing to cold-call both people with interesting stories as well as scholars in the field and converse about either their stories, or their research. The student must also be comfortable independently researching and presenting clearly and accurately the content of that research under strict deadlines, with short turnaround.

Preferred Student Qualifications and Skills

The student must possess excellent independent research skills, and must be trusted to get the details of content right in daily reports to the director. This can be either journalistic research skills, and research in reading and understanding contemporary philosophical texts. The student must be interested in audio production and have experience editing audio either voice or music on a DAW such as Hindenburg, Protools, Garageband, or Audacity. The students must have confidence calling and speaking to strangers, sometimes face-to-face on the street with a microphone in vox-pop.

Anticipated Follow-up Teaching/Professional Activity for Student

The student may come to any one of three courses the faculty member will be teaching next year to guest lecture on how the production process on a podcast happens, from initial research phase, to gathering audio footage, to editing. The student may produce their own piece for their production portfolio, and may connect into the faculty member's current professional radio network.

Project Location

Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY

Project Duration

Four weeks

Project Start Date

June 5, 2017

Project End Date

June 30, 2017