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The Kahaya Pomo Interpretive Trail Project
Pilar Jefferson ‘15 and Sara Gonzalez

Chinese & Japanese

The Latest Debate on the “Comfort Women” Issue
Maria Ichizawa ‘14 and Peipei Qiu

Earth Science

Digitizing the Journals of John Burroughs
Maura Toomey ‘15 and Jeff Walker


Analysis of Recent Immigrant Groups in the U.S.
Leland Masek ‘14 and Sukanya Basu


The Yale Edition of the Works of Samuel Johnson
April Levins ‘13 and Robert DeMaria
Digital Editing and the Archive of Early Middle English
Molly Bronstein ‘14 and Dorothy Kim
Queering the Archive
Cassidy Hollinger ‘13 and Hiram Perez

Environmental Studies

What is “Sustainability?”
Jonathan Bix ‘14 and Pinar Batur

German Studies

Memory Across Generations
Ian Edwards ‘14 and Silke von der Emde
Memory Across Generations
Michael Kaluzny ‘14 and Silke von der Emde

Hispanic Studies


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Hannah Van Demark ‘15 and Robert K. Brigham

Media Studies

Documenting Community Work: A Two-Way Street
Victoria Larson ‘14 and Tom Ellman


Political Science

India’s Contemporary Role in Africa
Kartik Kapoor ‘13 and Zachariah Mampilly
Neo-Liberalism and Democracies in Post-Katrina New Orleans
Alicia Ferrara ‘13 and Adelaide Villmoare and Peter Stillman




Crime and Inequality in America: A Comparative Analysis
Zoe van Buren ‘13 and Eileen Leonard
Children of Immigration in the Mid-Hudson Valley
Angelica Gutierrez ‘13 and Eréndira Rueda