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Analysis of Prehistoric Food Remains
Jillian Sprance and Lucille Lewis Johnson, Professor of Anthropology


Copies, Casts, and Pedagogy: The Early Teaching of Art History at Vassar College
Jarrett Gregory and Jacqueline Marie Musacchio, Assistant Professor of Art
Utopia Station: the Vassar Transcript
Chris Reitz and Molly Nesbit, Professor of Art


Creating a Digital Theatre History Nexus
Marc Etlin and Denise A. Walen, Associate Professor of Drama


Does Market Timing Hurt Or Help A Mutual Fund and Its Investors?
Melissa Zaccagnino and Masaki Flynn, Assistant Professor of Economics
Patents, Uncertainty, and the Law: Evidence from Patent Trials
Alex Stein and Alan C. Marco, Assistant Professor of Economics
Assessing the Viability of High-End Retail in Regional Markets
Vihren Jordanov and Robert Rebelein, Assistant Professor of Economics


Proactive Parenting: Lessons from Research and Practice
Harrison Kell and Julie A. Riess, Nursery School Director and Education Department
Examining Investments in Teacher Quality: Evidence from New York and North Carolina
Lauren Duff and Christopher Roellke, Associate Professor of Education

Hispanic Studies

José Martí: A Life
Chris Freimuth and Lizabeth Paravisini-Gebert, Professor of Hispanic Studies


The Cultural Universe of Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini
Julian Gantt and Nancy Bisaha, Assistant Professor of History
Oxford's History of the Vietnam War
William C. Johnson and Robert K. Brigham, Professor of History
Aesthetics and Social Vision: The Documentary Photography of Esther Bubley
Rachel Kantrowitz and Miriam Cohen, Professor of History and Patricia Wallace, Professor of English
Resisting Domination in West Africa: Enslaved peoples, Chiefs and Peasants in Colonial Sierra Leone, 1890-1960
Elizabeth Ghunney and Ismail Rashid, Assistant Professor of History and Africana Studies


Library Research Intern Training Manual
Rigel Byrum-Ridge and Kathleen Kurosman, Librarian

Political Science

Time, Freedom, and Utopia: The Politics of Ursula Le Guin's The Dispossessed
Justin Mahony and Peter G. Stillman, Professor of Political Science


Development Of Educational Materials Related To Campus Sexual Assault, Relationship Abuse and Stalking
DeVan Hankerson (funded by other grants), Jan Corman (funded by other grants), and Kathleen Russell (the Ford Scholar) and Janet Gray, Professor of Psychology
Psychological Perspectives on the Nazi Holocaust
Yael Granot and Debra Zeifman, Associate Professor of Psychology

Science, Technology and Society Program

Letters of Albert Einstein: 1934 - 1953
James Challey, Director of Program in Science, Technology and Society


Chemical Delivery Through Transdermal Exposure and the Regulatory Policy
Pinar Batur, Associate Professor of Sociology/Urban Studies

Vassar College Historian

Vassar Encyclopedia
Sarah Rodriguez and Elizabeth A. Daniels, Vassar College Historian (Professor Emeritus of English)